1.       Completed the planned lessons for the year2017-2018.

      First semester Themes                              Second Semester Themes

  • My kindergarten Hands
  • Space Food
  • Pilgrimage (HAJJ) Clothes
  • Friends My Body and I
  • Sand Water
  • Transportation Ramadan
  • Animal


2.       Teachers prepared daily lessons plan for weekly themes artwork, alphabet numbers Arabic and English class.

3.       Childcare Center provide Educational Books, workbooks, use for the student in their daily activities.

4.       Teacher write the children monthly and weekly evaluation form in different classes through childcare portal.

5.       Successfully monthly meeting for teachers and aides for improving the childcare center.

 6.       Childcare center provides indoor playroom, outdoor playground and football area activities.

7.       Childcare provides educational materials used for circle time, artwork and activities.

 8.       Giving certificate of appreciation for the teachers and aide.

9.       Giving certificate for student’s graduates.

10.   Successfully organized “Children’s Yearly event” with the theme of with my Hands I can build my community. Event attended by children’s parents and KKESH employees.

11.   Organized the events:

  • Jenadriyah
  • Costume party
  • Mothers meeting Day
  • Yearly Event (Graduation, Yearly theme event)

12.   Completed the planned educational trips for children to familiarize children with different environments. Educational field trips were made to:

  • Farm
  • Minopolis
  • Riyadh Zoo
  • Herfy bread factory
  • Toytown
  • Tamimi Market

13.   Successfully organized the “Mothers Meeting Day” attended by parents, Childcare staff, KKESH employees and the CEO.

14.   Children’s costume party held in recreation department, children wear traditional costume in different places.

15.   Children visiting hospital in Doctors Day celebration by giving gifts saying thanks you to the doctor.




December 07,2017


October 26,2017


December 21,2017

Riyadh Zoo

February 01,2018

Toy town

February 22,2018

Tamimi market

March 01,2018

Herfy Factory




Event Name

January 4,2018

Mother’s Meeting

March 15,2018


March,29 2018

Costume Party

April 11,2018

Doctor’s Day

May 10,2018

Children’s Yearly Event