Child care center is a support department, which provides non-patient care services to the employee (working mothers of the (KKESH) and other persons who authorized to enroll their children at the KKESH child care center to take care of their kids.

In the child care center we are focusing on the child care and development of several aspects, for example, we aim to develop (behavioral skills, movement skills, and mentality skills), through the implementation of multiple programs within a healthy organized environment.

At the center the child participates in different activities such as, ((sports activities, social activities, and intellectual activities)). This will help the child to interact with the community and learn the various rules which will assist the child improving his/her behavioral and social aspects.

The center also offers a curriculum with different educational themes that include concepts and many objectives, from which the child acquires information and new and useful skills through education-oriented, besides the classes of religion and Quran.